Retail Interior Design In Dubai

The trend of beautifying the shops in Dubai through Retail Interior Design is increasing drastically among shop owners. There are numerous designs and ideas that are incorporated yet there are several which every owner makes use of to attract more customers.

The threshold area, also known as the “decompression zone” is the foremost thing the customer encounters when he/she enters your shop. This is basically the transition from the outside world into your shop and it has to be attractive and striking. If this area gets the eye of your customer who just entered the shop, only then he or she will look around for stuff and consider buying. Focus on lighting, textures, fixtures and overall presentation.

Researchers demonstrated that around 90% of the customers turn to right unconsciously so the next area under focus has to be this one. This is the power side. Put in extra special attention and do not overload this area. Racks should look classy displaying your products in a manner that they are easily visible to the customer. Keep the right side of your store large and display most of your stuff there.

For the rest, be unique. The shop interior must be synchronized and not something has done haphazardly. Make your customers comfortable in your shop. Keep it roomy with relaxing seats to sit. Also, do not forget the try rooms. There should be sufficient space for the customer to put their stuff while trying and the lighting has to be excellent; the more, the better. Customers look up to each and every detail along with the products you offer so you better not compromise.

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